Fort Garry

Just south of downtown on Portage Avenue is the robust neighbourhood of Fort Garry. It contains some of the city’s most luxurious homes on South Drive, which hugs the Red River and leads to private school St. John’s Ravenscourt. Just across the street from South Drive is the unique neighbourhood of Wildwood Park, where everyone’s backyards are interconnected, with no roads or cars infiltrating the whimsical woodlands. The main street in the neighbourhood is the Pembina Strip. It contains all manner of cuisine in its distinct strip malls, including some of the city’s best Chinese and Korean joints. 

Pembina also leads you to the University of Manitoba Campus, home to Princess Auto Field, where the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Valour FC play and all massive stadium shows. Neighbourhoods run alongside both sides of Pembina, offering a range of housing prices from bungalows in Fort Garry proper, to large multi-storey homes in the older area of Whyte Ridge and the new ever-expanding burbs of Bridgewater, to farm-style abodes in St. Norbert, where the city meets the prairie. Due to the constant growth of the Bridgewater area, more and more amenities like restaurants and shopping continue to pop up. However, the area lacks primary and secondary schools.

Sub neighbourhoods include: Agassiz, Bridgwater Centre, Bridgwater Forest, Bridgwater lakes, Bridgwater Trails, Cloutier Drive, Fairfield Park, Fort Richmond, Montcalm, Parc La salle, Richmond Lakes, Richmond West, South Pointe, St. Norbert, Waverley Heights, Beaumont, Brockville, Crescent park, Linden Ridge, Linden Woods, Maybank, Pembina Strip, Point Road, Whyte Ridge, Wildwood.

Points of Interest

Points of Interest

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