Point Douglas

One of Winnipeg’s oldest neighbourhoods – now a designated National Historic Site of Canada – Point Douglas used to be pretty swank, with many of its stately century-old houses still in the mix. It’s located just outside of downtown, mainly hugging the Red River with a mix of industrial areas, residential streets, and the somewhat seedier drag of Main Street just north of the iconic Portage and Main Intersection.

Admittedly, the neighbourhood did fall on some harder times, as North American city neighbourhoods tend to do, but these days it's on the verge of a bit of a Renaissance, with great deals to be had on homes that are brimming with turn of the 20th century character, along with the fact you are just steps from the handsome Exchange District with its restaurants, theatre and cafes. Point Douglas also contains several high-rise apartments, many of which house new immigrant families who continue to take great pride in their new neighbourhood, adding a vibrancy that has been lacking over the past three decades. The area also has historically had a large Indigenous population, which continues today with around one-third of the populous being First Nations. To celebrate this, the area has several places of note, namely Thunderbird House – a gorgeous building that looks like an eagle that is home to a non-profit and surrounded by teepees, along with many striking murals that depict its Indigenous roots.

Sub neighbourhoods include: Dufferin, Lord Selkirk Park, North & South Point Douglas, William Whyte, Burrows Central, Inkster-Faraday, Luxton, Mynarski, Robertson, St. John’s, St. John’s park.

Points of Interest

Points of Interest

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