Point Douglas

One of Winnipeg's most historic neighbourhoods, Point Douglas, is a designated National Historic Site of Canada, celebrated for its architectural heritage with many stately homes from the late 1800s. The neighbourhood is nestled just outside downtown, gracefully skirting the Red River, presenting a diverse tapestry of industrial and residential zones. With its rich history, Main Street forms part of the neighbourhood's vibrant character, near the iconic Portage and Main Intersection. 

Like many urban neighbourhoods across North America, Point Douglas has experienced its share of transformations. Today, it is witnessing a revival, attracting attention for its affordable homes and accessibility. It is located close to the Exchange District, which means residents are just a short walk away from various restaurants, theatres, and endless entertainment. 

Point Douglas is also a community of diversity and resilience. It is home to many high-rise apartments where new immigrant families have found a welcoming environment, contributing to the neighbourhood's dynamic cultural fabric. The area is proud of its significant Indigenous community, representing about one-third of the local population. Cultural landmarks such as Thunderbird House, an architecturally stunning center that serves as a community hub, alongside vivid murals, celebrate the Indigenous heritage and contribute to the neighbourhood's vibrant identity.

Sub neighbourhoods include: Dufferin, Lord Selkirk Park, North & South Point Douglas, William Whyte, Burrows Central, Inkster-Faraday, Luxton, Mynarski, Robertson, St. John’s, St. John’s park.

Points of Interest

Points of Interest

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