St. Vital

St. Vital has become a culinary hotbed over the years, particularly for Italian with the ever-popular Santa Ana Pizzeria – where reservations should be made a month in advance, and the super hip Harth, whose rustic plates and chic design have made it a destination restaurant. St. Vital itself encompasses an expansive area in the south-central area of the city. The area was first settled back in 1822 with a few wood buildings – including the still-standing Riel House National Historic Site – and has since grown exponentially to cover numerous suburban enclaves with houses ranging from grand in size along the Red River, to quiet bungalow-lined streets just off its main drags.

Some of St. Vital’s most charming and/or pricy neighbourhoods include Kingston Row, which is surrounded by the Assiniboine River and is absolutely lush in the summertime, and River Park South, a suburb featuring large homes and the aforementioned Santa Ana restaurant, along with a cool Korean café called Café Lemon Tree. The area features one of Winnipeg’s largest malls, St. Vital Centre, along with ample amounts of parks, green spaces, trails, and countless amenities including Winnipeg’s finest wine shop, Banville and Jones.

Sub neighbourhoods include: Alpine Place, Elm park, Glenwood, Kingston Crescent, Lavalee, Norberry, Pulberry, St. George, Vearennes, Victoria Crescent, Worthington, Dakota Crossing, Meadowood, Minnetonka, Normand Park, River Park South, St. Vital Perimter South, Vista.

Points of Interest

Points of Interest

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