This charming little circa 1912 prairie town, which was founded to service the Grand Truck Railway, was incorporated into the city in the 60s. To this day the neighbourhood still has its own unique identity and “downtown.” Downtown Transcona feels like a small town, with a couple brick storefronts lining the walkable main drag. Given the area’s historic ties to the railroads (it is still the home of a CN rail-yard), you’ll find multiple murals on its buildings celebrating this history, while the Transcona Museum – the neighbourhood’s only municipally designated historical building –depicts this history via railway artifacts.

Transcona is a working-class neighbourhood filled with families and older couples (the last census had 60 per cent of residents listed as legally married) living primarily in bungalows with some larger apartment buildings in the area too. Transcona is sometimes referred to as “Park City,” an indication of the amount of trails and parks found throughout the area. Juxtaposed to this green space is the bustling Regent area, home to some great restaurants like Gaijin Izakaya and the Club Regent Casino and Event Centre, which regularly hosts marquee comedians and touring musical acts. Real estate prices are slightly lower than the city average throughout the area, while you can expect medium-sized front and back lawns.

Sub neighbourhoods include: Cantebury Park, Kern Park, Kildare-Redonda, Meadows, Melrose, Mission Gardens, Peguis, Radisson, Transcona South, Victoria West.

Points of Interest

Points of Interest

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