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Separated north-south by Portage Avenue, the West End and Wolseley are two of Winnipeg’s most-charming and eclectic neighbourhoods. Wolseley's housing prices remain much higher, namely due to its walkability (it’s like its own little small town), proximity to the Assiniboine River, and main two avenues – Westminster and Wolseley – that feature numerous trendy shops and cafes. The area is filled with 100-year-old houses with beautiful front gardens, trails along the Assiniboine River, and neighbours who are more than likely to be brewing their own craft beer or kombucha in their basements.

The West End is the city’s most ethnically diverse neighbourhood, with a worldly history that is celebrated by its many famed murals. The West End is home to 1000+ small businesses, including over 150 restaurants representing so many cultures from around the world, while its residential streets are lined with quaint affordable homes. Winnipeg’s inner city too has its charms, with ethnically diverse neighhourhoods like Sargent Park and Centennial that contain a number of great little hidden gem eateries. This area also includes Sherbrook Street, which has been transformed into a culinary destination over the past decade, while the Langside area behind Sherbrook has become a hip residential hub for students and young professionals with many large old houses with charming front porches.

Polo Park, central Canada’s best mall, is also considered part of the neighbourhood, and is a hub for breweries, hotels, and even more eateries.

Sub neighbourhoods include: Daniel McIntyre, Minto, Polo Park, Sargent Park, St. Matthews, West Wolseley, Wolseley.

Points of Interest

Points of Interest

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