Our public transportation is easily accessible and it is a great option to get around in Winnipeg if you don’t feel comfortable driving yet

How much does it cost to ride the bus?

There are three options you can choose from to pay for your bus fare: cash, bus tickets, or a bus pass. The cost will vary depending on the option you choose. Youth, students, and seniors are eligible for reduced fares.

  • Cash – In 2020, the cost is $3 per person, per ride. Please note you must have exact change and after payment, you can ask your bus driver for a transfer, which is valid for 75 minutes.
  • Bus Ticket – In 2020, the cost is $2.65. Tickets are sold in sheets of five or 10 and are available at over 140 retail outlets throughout Winnipeg, which include 7-elevens, Safeway, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Winnipeg Transit locations.
  • Bus Pass – In 2020, the cost is $102.05 for the unlimited monthly bus pass. Bus Passes provide many fare payment options to complement your work, recreation, or vacation schedule. With the Max 5 Pass and Superpass, you’ll save from 22% to 38% over cash fares using your weekly pass just twice a day. For frequent users, the convenient full fare Monthly Bus Pass saves almost 44% over cash fares, if used just twice daily. 

If paying cash or with a bus ticket, don’t forget to ask for a transfer. A transfer takes you wherever you want to go by transit for approximately 75minutes. It is free with your cash or ticket fare. You can make stopovers along the way or even return trips on one fare as long as you ride within the time limit shown on your transfer. If you’re unsure of the expiry time, ask your driver.  Then ride all you want until the time expires.

What is a Peggo card?

The Peggo card is a reloadable, electronic bus fare card. It is a more convenient way to carry your bus fare whether you opt to add a specific amount, or buy a monthly bus pass. Peggo cards can be purchased in person (see details below), online, or by calling 311. Cards purchased online will be mailed, at no cost, within 14days.

How much does a Peggo card cost?

A Peggo card can be purchased for $5. A minimum of $ 5e-cash or any e-pass must be purchased with the card in order to validate your Peggo card. Please make sure you register your Peggo card.

Please note: If your card is lost or stolen or if it is damaged and requires replacing, a $5 charge will be applied for all replacement Peggo cards.

Why should you register your Peggo?

It protects your balance, which means that if you lose your card, any money that you have put on the card will still be available to you. You would simply transfer  the balance from your old (lost) card to a new card. If you do not register your card, you would lose the money you have put into it.


Navigo is a very helpful tool you can use to plan trips. It is free and accessible to anyone. Go to Winnipeg Transit’s website, winnipegtransit.com, click on “Navigo,” and enter the information requested. Once you have entered an origin, a destination, and selected a date and time, you will be taken to a different page where you will be able to see the various bus routes available to you, as well as the time it will take you to get there.

You can access Winnipeg Transit via the app or online.


To check bus times for a specific bus stop you can also call 204-287-7433 and listen to the instructions. It will ask you to say or enter the five-digit bus stop number, which you will be able to see at the bus stop.

For more information about the Winnipeg Transit System visit winnipegtransit.com.

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